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Take A Look Around You
Welcome to Filthy Empire. This is where you'll find the rules, as well as what's going on in this strange world. Updates will occur regularly, so make sure to keep track. Please read everything thoroughly before beginning!

3 0 Jan 31 2017, 06:47 PM
By: spooks
At The World We've Come To Know
This is where you'll find all the important information that you'll need to know! This includes the setting, as well as information on factions, powers and timeline. Please read everything thoroughly.

10 3 Dec 2 2017, 05:53 AM
In: Frequently Asked Questions
By: Matt

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Maybe From the Madness
This is where you will find the shipper template I would like you to use. When you're finished, please bump the topic, or PM Matt

Subforums: Finished, In Progress, Pending

2 3 Dec 2 2017, 01:16 PM
In: ishida, tatsuo g.
By: tatsuo g. ishida
Something Beautiful Will Grow
All accepted shippers will be found here! When someone plots with you, please be sure to reply so that ideas can grow and become something extra awesome.

Subforums: Creed, Empire, Organization, Outlander, Pious

59 325 Dec 9 2017, 04:32 PM
In: wolf, donnacha o.
By: pleasant montgomery
In A Brave New World
This is where you can have your development threads for your characters. If you would like your own forum within, Don't hesitate to ask Matt and it shall be done.


58 42 Dec 11 2017, 06:28 PM
In: Hope Bannon
By: Hope S. Bannon
With Just a Handful of Men
All claims lists will be found here. Be sure to fill out any that apply to you or you may lose out. You can also reserve on certain lists, so make sure you do that before you start your characters.

8 133 Yesterday at 07:23 pm
By: Phoneix T. Han
We'll Start All Over Again
Have someone you want to request? A love interest to pursue? Or even if you have a canon you really want to see on site, this is where you come to ask for it! This forum is guest friendly!

Subforums: Family, Friends, Lovers, Other

8 7 Dec 8 2017, 07:42 PM
In: A Mentor's Worth
By: Swan R. Han

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The Earth Is Fading Fast
This is where you will be able to have radio transitions between your characters. Think of it as an alternative to a phone call.

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In: ----
Out Of The Confusion
Should your characters wish to send messages using the automated messenger system, they should do so here. It's the closest you'll get to a text message!

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In: ----
A Chance Has Come At Last
This will take you to your in-character CBox. Please use it responsibly as it will be monitored.

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The Strong Will Be Saved
This is a place for any rapid fire posting you'd like to do, or any ICC you would like to save for records

Subforums: ICC Archives, Quickfire RP

6 24 15 minutes ago
In: respite
By: Walter P. Averell

Collapse   URSA
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The industrial trading hub of Minor is a constantly moving, very busy place. People travel from far and wide to trade their wares, as well as hunt for the perfect weapon, specimen, animal, or other possessions. Money is next to useless here, so you better have something decent to trade. Known for its strong connections to the creed, Minor is a protected post, and should you attempt to cause any problems or attract attention to yourself, you'll have the Creed themselves to deal with. There are many other attractions to see, so why not have a look around? Keep an eye on your pockets though. Thieves are rife and occasionally wayward strays have been bundled up and sent off to the slave trade...

Subforums: Buzzyard, The Elephant Cage, Bates Motel, Kennels

13 77 44 minutes ago
In: Paper Parachutes
By: ansel f. grey
St. Christopher's Church
The true miracle is that this old church is still standing. It's become well known as a place of worship, and the home of many of the pious. Some people wish just to follow their faith, others are lost sheep, and some have no choice. A dangerous place despite its holiness, it'd be wise to stay away if you're types: null, ii, iii or iv. The church itself is beautiful and in a constant state of renovation. Approach at your own risk.

5 17 57 minutes ago
In: Help Me to Help You
By: maximillan m. lawliet
The Cold City
Dominated by fallen skyscrapers, destroyed buildings and swamped by the sands in places, this is where time stood still. Few wander its streets, less hazard living among its walls. Whilst it's one of the few places in the nations healthy vegetation can be found, it's rife with wild animals, many of which are hugely territorial. Many people scavenge the cold city, finding relics, clothing, even tinned food still in date. Careful though, gangs have been known to infiltrate the walls, beasts to chase you, and the chemicals which poison the air can cause deadly hallucinations, even madness.

Subforums: Seeker's Complex, Clinic

4 18 Dec 7 2017, 07:41 PM
In: i am machine//
By: hattie l. callahan
Starry Plains
The open flats of Ursa are known collectively as 'the starry plains' due to the occasional breaks in the smog cloud above the nation. Some live their whole lives waiting to just see the stars. The plains take a long time to travel through, but are excellent for those with a lead foot. The dunes at the plains edge supposedly house the Creed.

Subforums: Amy's Tree, Ole Diesel

12 68 Today at 07:02 pm
In: so many unbroken chains, so...
By: elijah g. love
The Fallen Angel
For those who remember, Lady Liberty used to be a symbol of freedom. Nowadays, her remains mark the empty space which used to be New York City. The harbor that surrounded her still exists, though the waters are considered toxic. Some don't care, and come here to rest upon her shores and to even swim in her waters. She might be partially destroyed, and eroded, but for many she's still an icon of freedom. She's often used as a shelter from the frequent storms, or as a stronghold against empire attack. Some faithful people protect her as best they can, knowing that the empire would happily destroy her.

Subforums: Her Evanescent Waters

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In: ----
Kings Country
Formerly known as 'Maine' king's country is a strange place. Some believe the original powered came from here, whilst others think that the souls who passed when the end came, flocked to this spiritual place. Never touched by the chemicals, it's a haven for the powered and mutants, and where many camps have been set up. A great amount of the forests and waterways are in tact, but fights frequently break out to keep invaders away. Known as the only place in Ursa where animals can be safely hunted.

Subforums: Salem's Lot, The Green Mile, Deschain Door

3 26 Dec 8 2017, 11:42 AM
In: mission derailed//
By: theodore beckett
The Hollow
An underground town which stretches for miles in all known directions. The Hollow is where you'll find magic, mayhem, and perhaps a good time. It's so far remained hidden from the Empire, and people hope that it lasts. You'll certainly have a good time down in this crazy town. Try the moonshine, you'll love it. Prefer beer? They've got every kind. Have a craving for candy? They've got you covered. But of course, everything has a price, and in return for the night of your life, you'll be expected to pay with your own talents, be they sex, violence or any other extreme. Also contains the nations biggest drugs den.

Subforums: The Circle, Jarosz, Overunder

4 18 Dec 6 2017, 05:35 AM
In: A time for joy
By: theodore beckett

Collapse   SIRI
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The Lexicon
A rogue collective who go out into the wastelands to find out what is going on and report it back form the lexicon newspaper. This ramshackle set up might be small and hidden away in the wastelands of Siri, but they're well known and well disliked by all major factions. The Lexicon building has been known to trade food and water for stories, so if you find yourself upon it, make use.

Subforums: The Lexicon Enquirer

3 11 Dec 6 2017, 05:45 PM
In: we're going down the tube
By: miryam assad
This vast steam railway was begun only a year after the end. Now finished, it operates through every nation, but it's only station and hub is found in Siri. Automation is a large platform where people must be profiled in order to ride the train. Some don't bother and stow themselves away. It's patrolled by the Empire regularly, and the Organization take a keen interest in any usual types. It's the best and fastest way of getting from one nation to the next, as long as you don't mind running and jumping to get onto it half the time. Heavily armored and loaded with artillery its also responsible for transporting the slave trade, goods and weapons throughout the wasteland. Just try and hold it up. Just try.

2 9 Oct 25 2017, 11:28 AM
In: carving through the dark
By: pleasant montgomery
Neon Cathedral
Neon Cathedral is an obscure place where all old technologies that have been salvaged are traded as commodities and relics. You can find most things from the old world here, but for those eclectics who collect them, this is paradise. Every now and again weaponry comes up for sale with a high price tag, but sometimes machine guns are worth putting out for. Many come here looking for answers or even old belongings. Worth stopping by, not just for the artifacts, but also for what else lies hiding among its stalls.

Subforums: Trash Trials, Stitch'N'Thread

5 48 Nov 28 2017, 08:50 PM
In: our scars remind us that th...
By: ceel r. van de mortel
The epicenter of the Empire/Organization conflict, Origin is a vast city like space. Primitive in all ways save for the technologies peddled on the streets, it's the Empire's way of trying to quash the Organizations attempts to arm the city completely. Fights break out regularly, arrests made, dead bodies hauled off. Origin may be the best place to give yourself a technological advantage, but your chances of making it out in one piece are slim. Lined with make shift shops, clinics, vendors and bounty boards, it's a city on the edge. The Empire has its fingers in deep, and it's own super soldiers regularly patrol inside and outside of its walls.

Subforums: Imperial Central, Sharpshoot'Inn, Origin Powerplant

16 78 Today at 05:25 pm
In: I need to move, I need to f...
By: kyndrie s. landon
Furnace Fells
Furnace Fells are locations scattered around Siri which are essentially timber yards. Known for being both a problem and a blessing, they cut down any trees found to turn them into easy to carry bundles for travelers to set their fires. Some believe they're destroying what life is left in the wastelands, others believe they're doing a good thing. But there's something strange going on around the fells, and at night, it sometimes seems like not only wood is going through the chippers...regardless, the brightly burning fires they burn wherever they are, act as beacons for lost travelers, enabling them to find some shelter in exchange for work, which sometimes, can be very bloody...

2 2 Today at 05:39 pm
In: i'll have a blue christ...
By: steven e. tuttle
Future Laboratories
The largest of the Organizations developmental facilities, Future Laboratories is an environment championing evolution, survival and science. Despite their ideals of building a better world, often what goes on in the labs is less than kind. Many powered and mutants have been dragged through the halls and strapped down to gurneys. The scientists here are pioneers, who aren't afraid to perform terrible deeds to help the rest of mankind. This is also the largest pharmaceutical facility in the nations, and as such is often targeted by raiders and thieves, despite what measures they have in place.

Subforums: Stranger Things, Bi-Organic Dome

5 19 Dec 5 2017, 08:25 AM
In: white noise
By: maximillan m. lawliet

Collapse   ARID
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Gunslinger Garage
The best, and only, place in the whole of Arid that you can get yourself a ride. The cars and bikes for sale here have been created from the junk heap behind the garage. The prices are fair - do a favor and you get a ride. Simple. You can stop for gas here, work on your vehicle, buy a porn mag or get an over priced can of tooth rotting goodness. To pay for gas, simply trade. They normally take ammo, weapons, food, but they're not picky.

Subforums: Westwood Wrecks

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In: ----
Buckwild's Radio Farm
There are a number of different radio stations you can get throughout the nations, and they're all controlled by the radio farm. Different channels might be sent out from different towns and factions, but they're monitored by Buckwilds. They have scores of DJs and researchers on hand, often working with the Lexicon to get the facts straight. Come on by if you think you've got what it takes. Helps if you're handy with a gun, because if someone doesn't like what they hear, often they come by to voice their disapproval.

1 1 Oct 26 2017, 06:40 PM
In: I Knew Not the Triumph, Onl...
By: arlo p. grey
Formerly known as the 'Silicone Valley', Jupiter is awash with resources. Many parts of the colossal collection of abandoned buildings have been completely destroyed, others wrecked but workable, and some even in working condition. A favorite past time of Outlanders is to explore this haunting place, seeing what can be found. Many of the technologies were destroyed when the end came, but some still work. There's much of value for sale or trade here, if you're willing to spend your time hunting. Many mutants have made their homes here, surviving off vending machine snacks. It's an eerie, disturbing place, so keep your wits about you, who knows what's waiting around the next corner?

Subforums: Boomlaboom, Blurryface Prosthetics, Strawberry Fields

5 31 43 minutes ago
In: When The First Leaf Starts ...
By: Phoneix T. Han
Whalers Beach
The dark sands of Whalers hide a terrible secret...they're completely safe. The waters which lap up onto the shore have a lower chemical level than those touching the other nations, and people have successfully caught healthy fish from the beach. Some have dedicated their lives to getting the perfect catch. The cove is built around the bones of a sperm whale which had washed up years before, and heath grows on the fringes before giving way to the sand dunes. A small piece of misplaced paradise among the madness.

Subforums: Stanica Pier

1 13 Nov 10 2017, 05:47 PM
In: the days that never came
By: anthony holden
The Great Escape
A long road which draws throughout Arid, and out into the other nations. The Great Escape - as its known - is often used to escape the Empire and Organization. All you need is a fast car and a little luck. Many road wars have been waged on this dirt road, the empty shells of a hundred cars jut from the sands, and the bones of its drivers have been used as markers to indicate distance and direction.

5 19 Dec 8 2017, 09:37 PM
In: a hard day's night
By: Cutter D. Frost
The birthplace of the Creed, Meteroa was where ten powered were brought, and before a horrified audience, were gunned down by the Empire. It's looked upon as a memorial site now, and people often bring and bury their dead here, surrounded by the meteor like craters, said to be where the tears of god fell. It's memorial status has rendered it untouchable in some people's eyes, others like to dig up the fresh graves to see what they can find buried with the bodies.

2 14 Dec 4 2017, 04:30 PM
In: we're reared tough, and...
By: natsu k. ishida
Welcome to the home of sin, swing and every bad deed you could possibly think of. Whilst controlled by the Empire, its far more devious and downright disturbing than they ever could have intended. Villains of every nature congregate here. If you need to find a murderer, this town has one every ten paces, you're looking for a thief or an assassin, ask on the corners. It's a vagabond's paradise, and not for the faint of heart, weak willed or goodie two shoes. This is where you ply personal trades and stock, where you use your body as payment, where you kill in exchange for a tin of beans. Decadent and demented, it's a hell hole on Earth.

Subforums: Sister Mercy's Electric Chapel, Moon To Moon, The Roadhouse, Aces & Eights

16 57 Yesterday at 09:18 pm
In: closed for private function
By: Alexis A. Tuttle
Unreal City

Old Bones' community In the desert grew, formed of ash and blood, around the ruins of Carson City, Nevada. This is a mutant haven, cared for by a real doctor and protected by deadly fighters, but mostly made up of civilians and absolutely invite only.

2 10 Oct 22 2017, 05:11 PM
In: in tatters, but never my pride
By: jeremy k. harrowgate

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
From The Ashes Of The Past
Keen to explore the pasts of your characters? This is where you can come and do it. Want to talk about before the end? Relive a past encounter? This is your history playground.

13 97 Yesterday at 02:19 am
In: waiting for signal, searchi...
By: Jackson A. Tuttle
Man Is Born In Freedom
Do you wish to explore a different world? Want to live a better life? Perhaps fight nazi zombies in the night? This is where all parallel world and alternative dimension threads can be played out.

2 12 Oct 29 2017, 01:19 AM
In: What could have been
By: maximillan m. lawliet

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
In The Cages Of Convention
All archived threads, topics, apps etc will be found here. If you would like something moved back from the archive, please pm Matt and ask.

Subforums: Threads, Shippers, Other

262 1316 Dec 4 2017, 02:25 PM
In: Bullet the Blue Sky
By: dara y. valdez
From the Cradle
Do you need to leave us for a little while? Not very well or have places to be and things to do? Please stop in here to leave us a message and let us know. We'll be eagerly awaiting your return!

3 3 Nov 30 2017, 05:20 PM
In: Spontaneous camping trip
By: Matt
To The Grave
If you just want to relax, why not come and chill out here? This is where all chat and game threads can be found.

17 185 Dec 1 2017, 02:54 AM
In: Show tunes
By: troy c. stuart
The Weak Fall By The Wayside
Would you like to advertise with us? This is the place to do it! This forum is Guest Friendly. Inside you'll also find our affiliation form if you want to be forever friends!

Subforums: First, Link Back & Accepted

590 8 Today at 07:51 pm
In: we are the strays
By: ananas

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Welcome everyone!

It's the holiday season here on Filthy Empire and we have a fun new announcement befitting of the season! For the first time in 20 years, It's snowing in the wasteland! Until further notice, there's a cold snap bringing in heavy snow storms, biting winds, and freezing temperatures!

Also congratulations to our tumbleweed of the month, Frisk! You're always kind and eager to write, very helpful to others when they have questions.

On a final note, for the next three months we are having a 12 Days of Christmas event as suggested by Sela. You can find more rules on that here. All members are encouraged to participate. It's a fun way to get your characters involved and add some small excitement to the holidays.

There's a new section on Frequent questions around the site and setting. If you think of any other questions you'd like to see answered, just let me know. Thank you all for another wonderful month here on Filthy Empire and may there be many more to come,